Hotel Arlberg Lech

Digital retrofit elevator mirror-displays.

Integration of a digital infotainment system into the elevator cabins of Hotel Arlbert, Lech, Austria.

Digital mirror-displays providing information and entertainment to hotel residents in each elevator cabin.

Customer specific design, engineering and manufacturing.

Centrally managed by a cloud-based content management system.


Three elevator cabins, all of different size and shape, should be retrofitted with digital infotainment systems. The legacy paper-based approach should be replaced.



The installation space was pre-defined by the control tableaus as well as the underlying stone shrouding.
Stable WIFI connection was not given in this environment.
Protection against accidental damage must be considered, as the elevators are frequently used with bulky luggage. Servicing must be possible from within the cabin, without accessing the elevator shaft.
All components must withstand the harsh environment in regard to vibration and temperature range.



Based on the elevator manufacturers mechanical drawings and precision on-site measurements, the physical product design was performed.
Toughened safety glass provides the necessary protection against accidental damage and ensures compliance with regulatory parameters.
Extensive component research and comparison was complimented with custom developed printed circuit boards.
All this allowed the integration of TFT panel, driver logic boards, single board computer and power management into one compact sandwich.
A traveling cable provides a proper and reliable network connection.


This is a representation of the product structure. The components are:
– Toughened safety glass mirror
– Medium-density fiberboard frame
– TFT panel
– Back panel including logic boards and single board computer.

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