I&W designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes intelligent premium electronic design products that integrate seamlessly into customers everyday lives.

Our mission is to create unique products that are sustainable with regards to their functionality and longevity.


I&W covers the whole product lifecycle; starting from the very first idea up to market readiness. This includes patenting new and innovative products as well as retro fitting existing products thus extending their lifecycle.
CAD renderings provide a good basis for discussion. Therefore, we provide photo realistic data already during the early development stages. This helps speed up the development and brings products to life faster.

We utilize metal, wood, aluminum, concrete or Corian amongst other materials. We engineer electronics assemblies, printed circuit boards and sensory networks for interactive presentations. These allow for measuring customer interactions at their respective touchpoints.


Our customers receive turnkey-ready and integrated solutions. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore, our products are ready to run, no complicated configuration necessary.  

Our solutions not only take the customers’ requirements into account but benefit from years of experience. We not only supply hardware and software solutions but provide content and services as well.


Technology is a system. It consists of knowledge, transformation and application of said knowledge and the result. At the beginning there is the customers challenge and the related requirements. Together, utilizing our knowledge, industry experience and technical know-how (input) we develop (process) a joint solution (result).

The modular combination of electric, mechanic and manufacturing technology creates innovation.

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