Ultratouch Mirror Table

Mirrored multitouch presentation table with integrated height adjustment.

Ultratouch Mirror Table

55″ TFT Panel – 40 simultaneous touchevents.

Black solid-colored and oiled medium density fiberboard [MDF], Linoleum and powder coated steel.

1m² (1 by 2 meters) surface area, mirrored.

Motorized height regulation.


Presentation of architectural drawings and models.
Display should be hidden when not active. Manual activation of TFT panel reveals its presence.
Direct markup of architect’s plans via multitouch surface.


 Special mirror glass with exceptional visual properties hides the TFT panel.
 40 simultaneous touch points allow parallel and simultaneous markup.
 Motorized height regulation provides ergonomic working conditions while seated and standing.
 The large and extra bright 55” full-HD TFT panel ensures picture perfect quality and viewing angles.
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