CHRIST Juweliere und Uhrmacher seit 1863 GmbH

High-Brightness Media Box

Luxury design multimedia presentation box at the CHRIST digital store in Hamburg.

CHRIST Juweliere Mediabox

Premium digital wooden presentation box.

Sunlight readable for shopping window application.

Portrait and landscape orientation.

Centrally managed by a cloud-based content management system. Distribute campaigns to all branches.


Solid-colored black medium density fiberboard, powder coated magnetic lids. Precise CNC milled and laser beam cut materials guarantee highest fitting accuracy.


High brightness TFT panels with an inhouse developed driving board provide the best fit for the requirements. A large, slowly rotating fan provides silent cooling.
Exceptional brightness and extended temperature range of all used materials and components are meeting the demands of sunlight-exposed shopping windows.


By design, each box can be operated in landscape or portrait.
Slots allow for optimal cable routing. Magnetic lids allow the reorientation without any tools.


All boxes register themselves at our cloud-based content management system.
Playlists and campaigns can be assigned to individual boxes or to whole groups simultaneously.
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