Compare products with Lift & Learn.

Interactive Lift & Learn experience at the point of sale.

GARMIN Smartwatch Lift & Learn

Product comparison with Lift & Learn.

Customer detection.

Presence and lifting of products triggers content.

Customer engagement analytics.

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Lift & Learn provides product information within reach. Customers are presented with relevant content, based on their product selection. The dual monitor setup presents interactive customer journey. Websites, videos and product explanations are displayed according to the customer’s interest. This simplifies the explanation of complex products and processes.


Fast and comprehensive product comparison based on the customers choice. Interactive and easy operation – just grab two products to add them to the comparison.
First product triggers information and interactive web content related to this specific product. As soon as another product is being taken, the content automatically switches towards a product comparison of both products.


Decision making process is supported by Lift & Learn. Top down via physical product selection and obtaining of relevant information.
Bottom up with complementary step-by-step guides, which narrow down possible matches via filter criteria.
This combination enhances the customer experience.


Anonymous data collection.

Upload to CMS backend.

Data export for statistical analysis.





  • Statistical analytics.
  • Derive customer behavior.
  • Identify trends
  • Manage inventory.
  • Targeted sales promotions.
  • Integration into POS systems

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