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The SmART Display [re:frame] is a multimedia presentation platform, integrated into interchangeable design frames.

A patented mechanism allows for easy and quick exchange of various frame models.

State of the art display and computer technology encased by custom designed, handcrafted frames make [re:frame] a unique product.


[re:frame] was developed for corporations, having extensive flexibility and individuality in mind. Enabling them to have endless degrees of freedom presenting their goods and services.


Differentiation from competitors while maintaining flexibility and protecting investments in digital presentation technology.


The character of the whole presentation platform can be altered with the patented frame exchange mechanism. Fast adaption to new environments or requirements are guaranteed. Content and presentation platform merge into one seamless entity.


Serviceability and longevity were the main drivers for product design, resulting in a very modular and upgradeable platform. Easy upgrades, fast service and repairability counter our current “disposable society”.
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