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Intelligent queue management & customer flow control.

Customer forwarding through multiple stations.

Waiting room displays with added signage solution.

Digital tickets (mobile) and contactless paper ticket printing.

GDPR compliant: No storage of customer data.

Smart Queue is a digital solution for managing your customer flow quickly and efficiently.

The solution scales from simple queue management for retail or service providers to complex customer routing for medical offices or government operations.

Consisting of three components, the printer pedestal, waiting room displays and dispatcher displays, the system can be customized for any use case.

No customer-related data is processed or stored in the system at any time.

Fully comprehensive: Smart Queue can be seamlessly integrated but also used autonomously. Furthermore, the system is part of a full digital signage solution that allows you to provide a holistic and seamless visual communication for your customers.

For example, Smart Queue can be complemented with digital wayfinding or interactive product presentations. Thanks to our flexible and scalable system, we can respond quickly and cost-effectively to customer requests.

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice to find the optimal solution for your use case.

Queue Management

1) The customer pulls a ticket or scans a smartphone ticket.

2) The customer will be called from a waiting zone.

Flow Control

1) The customer pulls a ticket or scans a smartphone ticket.

2) The reception directs the customer to the desired location.

3) The customer goes to the appropriate waiting zone.

4) The customer is called from a waiting zone.

5) Forwarding to next station/room in new waiting zone.

6) After the ticket is processed, it can be closed.

System components

 Ticket printer as pedestal and/or for wall mounting.

  Digital tickets for smartphones.

 Dispatcher touch devices for answering, pausing and forwarding.

  Waiting room screens with CMS content.

Printer pedestal

Contactless ticket printing

Paper level indicator

PoE and/or Wifi for minimal cabling requirements.

Ticket printer wall mount

Contact free ticket print trigger with configurable distance and repeat rate.

Solid, vandal-proof mounting.

Optional: lockable vandal-resistant cover.

PoE and/or Wifi for minimal cabling requirements.


4″ TFT touch panel

Heavy duty metal desk stand.

Call, pausing and forwarding of tickets.

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