GARMIN Lift & Learn Analytics

How can a premium product be presented in a more experiential, exciting and interactive way for customers, while at the same time measuring the engagement rate and communicating it to the manufacturer?
A success story at over 500 locations.

Who hasn’t experienced this: the high-quality products are behind glass, locked away, not tangible. We have all learned that you look with your eyes, not with your hands.

But what if customers feel that they would like to experience a high-quality product haptically in order to make their purchase decision? What if they like to read through additional information, watch product videos, choose options, and generally compare?

What if a manufacturer wants to know which products are interesting to potential customers? Sure, there are the sales figures. But what about the “offline engagement rate”? Which products are of interest, what does a potential customer find out about, for how long, how often, where and when?

For GARMIN customers we have created this experience: An interactive Lift & Learn installation. Information, product videos and variants are displayed for the selected product.

For GARMIN as a manufacturer, we have also created a way to collect empirical data. Real data, no heuristics, no approximation.

Our interactive presentation module recognizes people and their dwell time, shows content about the respective product and makes all this anonymously obtained data immediately available online via the content management system.

Data navigation and aggregation as well as spreadsheet export is possible.

The insights gained in this way can be used directly to promote sales. Targeted campaigns, price offensives and correct product positioning are just a few examples of productive use of the information gained.

Our project page provides insights into the design and function of the GARMIN Lift & Learn presentation and data analysis.


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