EuroShop 2020 Hall 1 Booth 1-D11

Customer Experience 4.0: Combining physical and digital product experience and customer journey.

Munich based system integratior I&W presents high-end innovation from various customer projects. Together with their partner ISARIA Corporate Design AG, I&W presents their inhouse developed digital signage solutions and innovations from customer projects.

Digital Checkout Divider
The digital Checkout Divider opens a new dimension of marketing advertising. Targeted and most recent promotions are delivered directly to the customer.

3D Car Configurator based on physical color and material samples.
Virtual 3D car models are rendered in real-time, based on a selection of physical color and material samples.

Statistics and data evaluation of customer engagement.
Customer engagement is a crucial input factor for increased sales. Customer interaction, time spend in front of a display etc. is valuable information. We aggregate and evaluate this data and provide it as easily accessible statistics. Various sensor technologies like thermal imaging, laser radar and sound-based distance measuring allow for different deployment scenarios.

Real-time vehicle information visualization
Show cars and passenger displays need real-time vehicle data like speed, rpm and various level gauges or temperatures. I&W showcases futuristic interfaces displaying real-time vehicle data, wirelessly derived from the OBD interface.

Product selector via addressable LEDs
Inhouse developed LED controllers and software enable individually addressable RGB lights being used for customer journeys. Pick-by-light directs the customer to relevant products for his individual requirements.

Retail /Fashion Touch-Mirrors
State of the art glass and sensor technology enable touch mirrors for customer engagement. Fashion brands use them for direct customer feedback and delivery of advertisements.

I&W showcases customer configuration examples of the re:frame presentation platform. Customized housings, frames and color options integrate with companies’ form, color and material languages.

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